Powder Analysis

Power Development serves Nordic countries and offers a portfolio of products which provide comprehensive analysis of powders. Quantifying powder flow along with particle size and shape is fundamental for improving productivity and quality in all powder related applications. Powder Development is the exclusive representative of the following companies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.



The FT4 Powder Rheometer® from Freeman Technology is a universal powder tester that provides sensitive, reliable and comprehensive characterisation of powders. This wide range of properties measured by the FT4 can be correlated with process experience in order to improve processing efficiency and aid quality control. In addition to automated shear testing, the FT4 employs patented methodologies to quantify the Dynamic Flow and Bulk behaviour of powders. Features of the FT4:

  • Four testing methodologies in one instrument
    1. Unique Dynamic Flow characterisation of powders in moderate stress, consolidated, aerated and even fluidised states
    2. Fully automated Shear Cell
    3. Measurement of Bulk properties
    4. Evaluation of processing variables such as moisture, storage and transportation
  • Fully automated test programs and data analysis
  • Conditioning mode provides unparalleled repetabilibty
  • Cost-effective, multi-faceted solution

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Instruments for Image Analysis of powder particles from the Belgium company OCCHIO SA. OCCHIO manufactures and supplies a wide range of instruments for wet and dry analysis of particle size analysis and shape.

Using a unique optical design, these instruments produce high quality images, which are processed, using the robust algorithms developed by OCCHIO.

OCCHIO offers particle size analysers enabling the evaluation of particles from 200 nanometers up to 5 centimeters. Whether you require laboratory instrumentation, “at line” or even “on line” solutions, OCCHIO is your partner for high-level powder characterisation, delivering accuracy, profit and innovation.

The complete range of instruments can be viewed at: OCCHIO product portfolio